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Do you regularly read these rules? They constantly change.

  • •  OHSA 1910.132 (d) - hazard assement within your plant environment
  • •  OHSA 1910.136 - occupational foot protection, general requirements
  • •  OSHA 1910.132 (f) a, iv, v - employee training and fitting for protective footwear compliance
No need for you to worry about it when you have Ossine Work as your expert partner. We experts on the ASTM F2413 requirements for safety and protective footwear.


Every wonder how many of your employees are in compliance? Ever wonder if they actually bought safety shoes with the money you gave them in their paycheck?

We have give you detailed reports of your purchases at any time. Proof positive that they are using the money as you intended.


OHSA requires tested and approved footwear to be worn on the job. Many safety toe shoes are not tested. In fact many shoes sold as "safety toe" do not meet the ASTM requirements for safety and protection in footwear.

Every safety shoe at Ossine Work meets ASTM F2413-18 standards. So you never have to worry if your employees are wearing the right product.


The old adage is true: "If your feet hurt, you hurt all over." While difficult to measure, fatigue definitely impacts workers on the job. In fact, studies have shown that the right fit, insoles, and socks can increase productivity on the job by as much as 20%.

Let us help reduce your turnover and increase your productivity with the right fit in the right shoe.

A corporate account with Ossine Work is FREE! Let us clear up your to-do list and improve your compliance and safety performance. Contact us to get your comporate account established today, and leave the management to us.